Indian Railways Reservation Online – An Easy Way to Book Your Train Ticket
25.05.2013 12:38

Before the introduction of online booking, people had to go to the railway station and stand in long lines to get their tickets reserved. It was a tedious job and if the railway station was far from the house, a whole day was wasted for the purpose. Those who were too busy had to depend on local travel agents, who charged a large sum as commission. But now Indian Railways reservation online has made the process of ticket reservation a very simple and easy job.

The online booking of railway tickets helped in reducing the huge rush in railway stations, and made ticket booking fast and simple. If you have a computer or a laptop with internet connection, you can book tickets sitting within the comforts of your home or the office. Now there is no need for you to run here and there to get your railway ticket booked. All is made easy and within your reach.

By logging on to the website of Indian Railways or IRCTC, you can book tickets after checking the train availability, time table, seat availability and prices of tickets. The payment is made online using your credit or debit card. Once the process is over, you will get your e-ticket. You have to carry the printout of the e-ticket with you when you travel in the train, along with a valid photo ID proof. If you opt for i-ticket, you will get it by post within a few days.

Indian Railways reservation online can now be done two months before the date of journey.

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